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In the beginning Africans were brought to the United States as slaves. In the 1800s, my Ancestors returned to West Africa, giving me the opportunity to come to the United States of America by my own free will. Today, Africans are coming to America in great numbers for a variety of reasons. Africans are not coming with their Lappas and baskets, begging for handouts. These talented Africans are asking for moral support and the opportunity to share Africa’s artistic treasures and gifts. In our Global Village, there is cause for celebrating the arrival of the Africans!
The Africans are coming to demonstrate their commitment to share the best of Africa’s healing, visual, performing and environmental arts.
Click on our Calendar of Events. The events listed are public. However, some events are private and are not open to the general public. You are cordially, invited to join our email list in the contact section. [insert link]

On Behalf of Our Creator and Ancestors, we say Besamé – Thank You!


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