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Our Ancestors gifts include the moral and cultural teachings, passed on to us from one generation to the other. These traditional teachings reveal the insights of the ancients and how a wise person handles family, business, social and political relationships.

African Parables

On this page we will share these treasured gifts "PARABLES" from Africa, giving you the origin. However, you may contact us via email for interpretations.

Echoes Of Our Ancestors!!!!

"When a long teeth man is dying you say he is laughing"
- Liberia
"Whenever you are short of funds, even a fool will advise you" - Ghana
"Tongue and teeth live in the same house yet they bite each other" - Ghana
"If the wind does not blow, you will not see the chicken anus" - Witikun, Cameroon
"One finger picking greens" - Liberia
"You have to swing like a bat when you are in bat town" - Liberia
"The last monkey in Africa drives a Mercedes" -Nigerian
"If you don't know where you come from, you cannot know where you are going" - Nigeria
"John's palm oil is wasted on John's rice" -Liberia
"The only value a slave has is the one his master gives him" - Liberia
"Tongue and Teeth fall out sometimes" - Liberia
"Feed your deceitful friends with a short spoon and they will bite your fingers. Feed them with a long spoon and they can't bite your fingers."

Reverence For Our Ancestors Is Woven Deep Into The African Cultures!

Some of the Ancestral Elements include:
Water, Salt, Sugar, Honey, Bitter Kola, Atarre and Palm Oil.

Libation is an ancient tradition of the African people. It is the invocation of the Spirits and the Ancestors of the community. At performances, the spirits of the deceased members of the community, drummers, dancers and performers are invoked to bless and witness the occasion. These rituals include offers of gin, seeds and grains.

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