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The GREBO language is spoken in the eastern region of Liberia by the Grebo ethnic group.

Mo WieWelcome!
Na WieHello.
Na Fede - How are you feeling?
Na Fe nu te - I am well.

You are probably wondering, “What is a Palaver Hut?” A Palaver Hut is a circular
structure constructed of clay and bamboo or wood, with a thatched roof. Organic materials including decomposed leaves are plastered on the interior and exterior for preservation and decoration. In West African villages, the Palaver Hut is the place where guests are welcome.

It offers a place for dialogue between people of diverse cultures. In the Cavalla Kingdom in Liberia, the “Bodio” village spiritual leader selects the location of the hut. In other villages, the village elders or chief selects the location. All the villagers participate in the construction of the hut, feasting and celebrating the completion. The children especially look forward to the Palaver time because they can strip down; mix water and clay, splash and jump, pounding the clay with their feet as they dance to the rhythms of the village drummers.

After greeting our guests we receive them with Kola nuts and cold water.

This is what we can do for you. Show you how to construct your
Palaver Hut.

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