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We specialize in entertainment performed by master-artists highly skilled in their cultural traditions. We are magically transforming schools, colleges, churches, festivals, special events and assembly halls into a authentic bit of Africa!

celebrations. Liberians open with Doklau dancing. Nigerians are wearing flowing gowns and agbadas while they play the Dun Dun and Bata drums. The sounds of the Ghanaian drums herald the drummers’ arrival with kente cloths draped over their shoulders.

Senegalese, Guineans, Sierra Leoneans, Malians, Cameroonians, Ivoirians, arrive playing their ancestral drums, Djouns, Djembes, the Kora, Bells, Balaphones, Whistles, Horns, Trumpets, Shakeres, each contingent singing and dancing with joy and excitement.

Since 1993, I have been bringing to life the hopes and despair of my continent to the people of America through the magic of storytelling. I have been given the responsibility to uncompromisingly maintain the best of Africa’s ancestral traditions and to promote these traditions with respect and authenticity.

I incorporate the art of cuisine, music and dance to color my stories and immerse my audience in this rich heritage. I believe in building bridges between cultures and races because respect and understanding makes our world an enriching experience. I use the common experiences among my audiences to create a closeness or familiarity to the atmosphere of a nurturing African village.

On behalf of our Creator and Ancestors we say: Besame' – thank you - especially to our supportive return clients. To our new clients: We welcome you to this unique African experience!

You are cordially invited to join us!

Vera Oye' Yaa-Anna
Executive Producer

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